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Leonardo da Vinci Paints the Mona Lisa

1250 GBP

Oil on wooden palette

34.5 x 26.5 x 5 cm

Framed (clear Perspex box frame)

Frean imagines the moment when Leonardo da Vinci finishes his most well-known - and most parodied - portrait, now on permanent display at the Louvre in Paris. The enigmatic smile belongs to Lisa Gherardini, who was painted by da Vinci in oil on a white wood panel in 1503. Using the thumb hole of her palette to mask out most of the portrait - not to mention the sitter's head - Frean alludes to the sense of mystery that surrounds the original painting and the continued fascination and study of this famous work.

This painting was shown as part of a series of works on palettes at Paul Smith's shop in Mayfair, London in November 2016 during Frean's exhibition Who's Counting?  It has been framed in such a way as to present it as an object in the round, the hanging wire hidden behind so that it appears to float in front of the wall in its clear perspex frame.


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